Thursday, July 20, 2017


And now more adventures with Rob and Monica--as always, they have found some neat things! From Nature Books (remember these, click on the photo) to vintage Christmas and more....82 photos...

ANOTHER THREE DAY WEEKEND 7/18/17 - We are still behind a few weeks on our blog but we will be caught up soon! 

The third weekend of June found us with a three day weekend for the second week in a row. It would be our last Friday off for a month. We both get four weeks vacation and try to take at least one three-day weekend a month. We had nothing planned when we chose this day but, when that Friday day off arrives, we are pretty happy to have off from work! As it turned out, on this Friday, there were a few decent sales...READ MORE HERE:

And if you love flea markets, here are three Hudson Valley area markets you may have an interest in

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  1. Thank you, Maria, for reading and sharing our adventures! (Rob)