Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Time for the latest saling adventures of Rob and Monica and their Adventures Amongst the Ducks...

There's lots of vintage LP's, including Christmas with Liberace (we kid you not), Captain Kangaroo, some very pristine mid-century modern furniture, vintage Christmas and a killer holiday apron too. And now...

Saying Goodbye to February

The last week of February was upon us and our plan to start the weekend, as always, was with saling. We're still not seeing an overwhelming number of sales that attract our attention but this Saturday's list had four potential sales and that wasn't too bad for February. We were ready early on Saturday because the first sale on our list started at 8:30 am. Coffee/tea...shower...get dressed...Go!


  1. I thoroughly enjoy these adventures. But what is the significance of the mounted pencil sharpener?

  2. Thank you for reading and sharing our blog, Maria! We always appreciate it!
    Thank you for reading about our adventures, Peg. When Monica and I were growing up, we always remember mounted pencil sharpeners in our parents' basements and in our grandparents' basements and, in my case, my great grandparents' basement. This seemed to be something that a majority of houses had in the old days. When we see one in a basement now, we figure that we are in an old house and treasures might possibly await us! (Rob)