Saturday, March 5, 2016


With Easter around the corner, a flashback to one of the most beautiful Easter Candy Box houses from Karl Fey; everything is so right about this one--the color, the texture, the architecture (top lifts off to reveal a compartment for candy). 

It's followed by a great collection of PLANET OF THE APES memorabilia featured in a previous auction at Croton's own A really fun film that holds up remarkably well...

And finally, from 1967--THE ADDAMS FAMILY THING bank! Yep, we wish we had this one for sure.

Click on the photos and enjoy.

Lucy's Easter house; very charming

We love this site and visit often: you should too -- it's called -- check out the Circus Big Top, very very cool

A sweet little pastel collection of handmade houses, and other Christmas goodies

We fell in love with these Easter Dresdens, especially the rabbits and chicks

Love--really love--this tiny wind-up train--would look perfect--even standing still--in a Christmas village

Select Scans from the June 1939 McCall's Magazine

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