Monday, February 29, 2016


With Easter on the way (3/27), your editor thought you'd enjoy this charming vintage die-cut. Click on the photo.

Here's a paper modeling site your editor has mentioned before--with “super-quick” kits---but it is UK based.

Still there's lots of putzing/railroad layout model inspiration to be found here and one or two kits that are now on the list

Some projects call for pleated ribbon--and when we've tried to make our own, the results are often amateurish; there is however, a device--albeit expensive--for doing this with relative ease—it’s not cheap but…Have you ever wondered how to make those wondrous ribbon medallions that you see on vintage millinery or for the backgrounds to Dresden scraps. Buying new passementerie is so expensive but you can buy your own ribbon pleater – apparently you use an iron to set the pleats, then glue or sew 

Will's little putz skyscraper 

Pattern for the slanted roof Dolly repro putz house has been uploaded 

And now some Easter putzing inspiration: a collection of links over at the forums

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