Thursday, October 8, 2015


Today we bring you a wonderful stereoptic card depicting CHRISTMAS DAY IN THE MORNING 1889. Love the big train hanging in the tree and the American flags. Many trees from this period seemed to include flags as decoration...but what really got our attention were the toys. And yes, we want the piano--and the sailing ship. Click on the photo and enjoy.

Worth looking at again---Happy Day! It's the 1959 Noma Lites Catalog--complete--and includes dealer price sheets--once again it's courtesy of Mark Podmore
Another oldie but goodie: Toys & Stuff continues its look at the Built-Rite cardboard houses of the 1930s with House No. 2, a nice little one-story affair complete with flower boxes and awnings!
What's happening at the Cardboard Christmas Forums:
--Look what Howard found today at JC Penney's
--Found, Hacienda putz--with the Santa still intact!
Wow, train, putz, tree, BIG
And another great photo--with a train and building; the train is probably a clockwork train  

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  1. I've collected a lot of these stereo cards over the years. A lot show European cities at the turn of the century. Would you be interested in seeing these?