Thursday, October 29, 2015


The following letter from Robert Armanini appears in this week's Gazette and is re-printed with permission:

To the Editor:

Details are boring. Too much information and never enough time to absorb it all. However, details make all the difference in the world. A well thought-out endeavor will often tip the scale towards ultimate success, as opposed to being mired in controversy and ultimately, failure.

In Croton, this lack of attention to detail has given us a Gouveia Park for which we are borrowing $200K for ‘infrastructure improvements’ (6/22/15 Board meeting) when an endowment already exists; an upcoming Croton Point Avenue project in which vehicular travel lanes will be a whole foot narrower than they currently are; a Harmon rezoning in which architectural guidelines have been abandoned.

For these reasons, I am supporting the Croton United slate of Dr. Greg Schmidt for Mayor, Bob Anderson and Ken Walsh for Trustees. Contrary to what some would have you believe, they’ve put together a very sensible, detailed plan for Croton which can be found at Please make time to read it. Croton is, after all, your village…our village.

Robert Armanini, Croton on Hudson