Thursday, January 8, 2015


So how many of you remember how it was all the rage back in the late 60's, early 70's, to make plastic beaded wreath ornaments (you can still find the kits on occasion today)--the crafter who made this however (click on the photo)--went one step beyond--can't believe the family didn't want it--but it is loved and lives again, with the giant 1950's celluloid made in Japan deer somewhere in Croton...

And check out this amazing collection of Beton Large Size "Horse & Riders" Lot of 12, 1950s, Bergen Toy, featured in a previous auction at Croton's own is about 5", painted hard plastic: 2 Indians, 1 polo player, 1 jockey, 1 male rider, 1 female rider, 1 cowgirl, 1 cowboy, 2 U.S. cadets, 1 officer, 1 Canadian royal mounted - For more about this premier toy and pop culture auction house, visit today. If you have serious stuff, they have serious bidders. Click on the photo below.

And then there's this great 1942 Saturday Evening Post subscription give-away--we'll take the tabletop tree although the doll is very tempting for a certain collector we know! Click on the photo below!

Welcome to this year's 2014 big Christmas tree putz village; more photos to be uploaded soon

And from Tom H 

An utterly fabulous old Christmas photo—Santa Claus, children, deer 


  1. I have all the plastic beaded ornaments from my mother, wreaths and baskets were very popular.

  2. More "Mariaville" please...just love it!!!!!

  3. Mariaville reminds me of my aunt's village. It took up the whole room. We would kneel and look. It took her over a week to put together and we were not allowed to visit until she was done. Thanks for the memories.

    I also admit to making beaded ornaments while younger and selling them to relatives and at my church craft fair. If eBay, etsy and Craigslist had only been in existence, my life may have been different!

  4. Really nice village. We have a few department 56 houses but haven't put them out in years. Time to re-think that.

  5. Thanks for the mention! We appreciate the active Links back to our store: Cheers and Happy New Year!