Thursday, January 1, 2015


As we watched the poor pitiful New Year's Eve broadcasts on assorted channels last night, we were reminded how much we missed Guy Lombardo--and later Dick Clark in his heyday. Have to say this: we waited for the ball to drop with the mute button on!

In any case, the overhead shots of Times Square--which we had to admit were quite stunning--reminded us of this great up close and more personal vintage photo, no copyright restrictions, from 1948, the Willem van de Poll archives. A great Times Square time capsule! The Claridge Hotel by the way, was torn down in the 70's.

It's followed by an incredible gingerbread "mansion" complete with clock, from the 2014 Gaylord Hotel Christmas display. 

This architecture just cries out for putzy-fying.

Click on the photos and enjoy!

And for fans of vintage Christmas Hallmark

If you're doing some putz house restoration--and in need of "coconut", here's Pete Oehmen's site

Yes Virginia, there was a Mickey Mouse putz house 

Lionel Barrymore as Scrooge! 

So worth looking at again: 

1968 Noma Christmas Light catalog courtesy of Mark Podmore - 


  1. As a child I was fascinated by these smoking billboard signs.

    BTW, thank you for the old catalog links.

  2. Thanks for the link! It's funny - as of last night (New Year's Eve) I had not had a chance to listen to A Christmas Carol. I listened to it last night as the new year approached - and now I wake up to see the link!

    Thanks again!