Saturday, November 29, 2014


Starting this Sunday (and every Sunday until Christmas), Tomasello will have a sampling of hats, socks and scarves for sale at the Gab and Kinit table at the Black Cow...12:30 to 2 pm or you can reach her directly @ See some of her original designs here

Or here

p.s. Deborah says:   This isn't a craft sale, per se. While Michael Grant has been wonderful about letting the Croton GnK knit at The Black Cow, he has not authorized a craft sale of any kind. It might be better to contact me via email at or call me at 271-6936. I always have items with me when I knit at the Cow, but if there's something in particular you are interested in seeing, I will be sure to have it with me on Sunday. Or just stop by the Cow, have a cup of Joe, and see what we're knitting!

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