Tuesday, August 26, 2014


On August 26, 1986, Ted Knight died. A very funny guy--and for many of us, he will always be Judge Elihu Smails of Caddyshack fame. This was a role that Knight was born to play.

Read more here http://www.legacy.com/news/today-in-history/died-august-26/2599/

You may also have an interest in seeing some photos from Kenny Loggins' recent concert at The Paramount--and of course, Loggins did the theme from Caddyshack, one of our faves: http://everythingcroton.blogspot.com/2014/08/some-photos-from-kenny-loggins-paramount.html

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  1. You're right. No one else could have played the judge as well as Knight. He could pull off insufferable with ease! Linda