Saturday, August 16, 2014


A very lengthy article, only a small portion of which is excerpted here, COURTESY OF THE RIVER REPORTER 8/15/14:

In the county’s letter...the county refutes the monitor’s charge that the County Executive “misstated the terms of the Settlement and signaled ongoing defiance of its terms.” With clear documentation, the letter demonstrates the comments made by the county executive to be factual and in response to statements actually made by HUD and the monitor.

For example, the monitor wrote that the County Executive was in error to suggest that HUD and the monitor were attempting to expand the settlement to increase the number of affordable housing units from 750 to 10,768. But the record clearly shows the figure was introduced by the monitor in his March 21, 2013 Report Cards to local municipalities.

The 10,768 figure comes from a 2004 Rutgers University study and a derivative 2005 allocation plan, neither of which was ever adopted by the County Executive, the Board of Legislators or local municipalities. Nevertheless, figures from these reports were incorporated into the monitor’s report cards, and municipalities were told they had “an obligation” to meet these unadopted allocations, despite the fact that no such requirement is mentioned in the settlement....(Editor's note: Croton's "allocation" changes depending on what has been reported but is in the neighborhood of 110 units)

“This was a perfect example of how frustrating it can be in dealing with HUD and the monitor,” said Astorino. “They give you a number that no one has agreed to, criticize you for not meeting it, pretend they never really meant it in the first place, and then blame you for creating confusion. Not to bring this to the public’s attention would have been irresponsible.” READ MORE HERE

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