Thursday, July 3, 2014


Today, once again courtesy of LOC, a great photo from 1941: Christmas shopping @ Woolworth's. We love everything about this one--especially the hats--and we spotted a creche and what looks like a dozen baby Jesus-es on the right. As always, we've sliced and diced the photo so you can appreciate all the vintage-y goodness.

All this is followed by a fab lobby card card for The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Olivia de Havilland and Errol Flynn, 1938. We think she was never prettier than she is here. Click on the photos. Enjoy!

You're encouraged to visit this brad and eyelet outlet site--so many great little putz sized things

And here's something wonderful--a collection of Christmas music as recorded on the old Edison wax cylinders.

We're so glad this site was "saved" so that future generations can appreciate how it "used to be done".

Click on the link:

For those of you who missed it: the USS Slater sailed down the Hudson a few days ago--the last WWII warship. It was quite the sight. You can read more about it here:

Want more vintage?

Go here for some oldies but goodies:

--The Popular Mechanics Christmas Handbook 1949 courtesy of Mark Podmore

--1932 Helm’s Bakery Olympic Village box; graphics and front “architecture” are interesting; Helms was the official bakery for the 1932 Olympics 

--The 2007 Christmas putz mantle of author Antoinette Stockenberg

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  1. What a great 1941 photo that was.