Thursday, July 24, 2014


Some days there's so much vintage goodness hitting the mailbox, you just don't know where to start--so let's just dive in.

To the right, a superb piece of wind-up tinplate from West Germany--a 1950's clown on a motorcyle--possibly made by HUKI--and featured in a previous auction @ SeriousToyz. The graphics are fantastic and it sold for over $339. Really quite amazing--click on the photo. 

We're definitely accustomed to happier ads for Christmas Seals than the one to the right! It's from 1942 and features The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse--and the very real fear of a wartime increase in tuberculosis.  Click on the photo.

Howard Lamey has started a new putz house; it's a simple loggie, click on the link, just scroll down the page once you get there

For more of Howard's work, visit

For fans of the late Thomas Kinkade

And in case you missed it, the latest "sale-ing" adventures of Rob and Monica

p.s. If you love "loggie" putz houses, then click on the link to see some superb examples from Howard Lamey and Karl Fey--a few vintage pieces too--


  1. People forget about how bad TB and polio used to be but my grandmother talked about both all the time. Whooping cough too.

  2. We model railroaders like to put the old signs on our station that say "No Spitting" because to us they're "cute." But they weren't worried about the ladies getting tobacco juice on their shoes. . . .

    Here's where you can download a free "No Spitting" Sign. Maria, I hope this is permissible. :-)